Our Vision

POPURBANATION is a brand of "nichecoutre", meaning that we are a brand of branding. Our focal point with any venture is to capitalize off of the initial thought or premise behind the product.

A perfect example would be POPURB & FLEEKNETWORK aka #FLEEKNET - our interactive streaming platform for each of our worldsites.

Within the idea of FLEEKNETWORK - we expanded its origin of production to allow its own platform to explore the ways in which it facilitated all of the networking channels of POPURBANATION.

Within this processing of application, we were able to showcase the following organic growth model of an interrelation of performance excellence:

#FLEEKNETWORKING - a platform that is educational based with occasional multimedia to be featured for networking specials etc.

#FLEEKNETWORTH - a platform that is an "open source" in the sense of it being an ever changing , developing think tank on its own that not only advances its capabilities but adds to the overall feel of POPURBANATION & EMERGENERATION broadcasts.

This in essence is why both POPURB & EMERGEN created the Internetworking Broadcasting Social Group (INBSG) that utilizes the Internet Broadcasting Social Network (IBSN) as a vehicle for change in an international market of e-commerce urbanization by bringing more interactions within global social networking populations. We strive to bring new ideas to the forefront of social media marketing with the idea of paying it forward while expanding a central process in the human condition - growth.


Ivorie Jones

Founder & CEO


Spread the Word...

Check out our non-profit network, IBSN featured by COVERBMEGA and ran by the Internetworking Broadcasting Social Group (INBSG) via EMERGENERATION.